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Odyssey is the first Sports Volunteering Organization in Lebanon. It was established by a team of professionals who share a unique passion for sports and strive to spread sports values among everyone. Sports is a vast field that offers plenty of volunteering opportunities. We aim to create and manage these opportunities, to foster social integration, and promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

OUR Mission

Odyssey intends to promote and strengthen the community of sports volunteers in Lebanon by providing volunteering opportunities in events all across the country. Since young volunteers derive professional and social benefits from volunteering, our mission is to become a hub for skill development to help sports lovers nurture their passion while enriching their social networks.

OUR Vision

Our vision relies on two essential objectives:

  • showcasing the importance of volunteering, particularly in sports, to improve society
  • promoting intercultural interaction and solidarity among people from different backgrounds to boost their interpersonal and professional skills.

Our Values

Meet the Team

Christian Saleh El-Hajj
Founder and President

Alicia Salloum
Co-founder / Vice-President

Patricia Nseir
Co-founder / Secretary General

Rabih Reaidy
Co-founder / Treasurer

Farah Jaroudi
Co-founder / Communications Director

Sabine Fakhoury
Co-founder / Operations Director

Fouad Abdallah
Co-founder / Consultant

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